Founded in 1923 on the Long Farm along the Potomac river, The airport was originally used as a landing field for The Us Army Air Service. The City of Cumberland, Maryland donated sevices in the preparation of the field, and in November of 1923, published that the airport was available for visiting aircraft. In 1924 a five man crew of the Army Quartermaster Corps was stationed at the newly constructed barracks and operations building. Meteorological reports were broadcast as well as ground to air communications experiments.
  Through the late 1920's civilian use of the airport increased which facilitated the need for a seperate air strip, on the Johnson Family property adjacent to the Army Air Corps field.
  Our airport has seen it's share of famous pilots land here including Wiley Post, Charles Lindberg, Howard Hughes, Gen.Billy Mitchell,Capt. Arthur Amick, & Hollywood stunt pilot Sam Huff.
  Through the hard work and effort of volunteers, pilots and  members of the original founding families, we hope to continue the tradition of a love for aviation for years to come.
Information listed above taken from Bob Poling & Bill Armstrong's book, Wings Over Cumberland; an Aviation History. Printed 2002.
A portion of the 22nd US Army Air Service grounded due to poor weather
                                                  in 1929.
Wiley Post and his Lockheed Vega 'Winnie Mae', landing in 1933 for repairs.

Above: Bob Poling and Floyd Johnson with Louis Ort's J3 Cub.

Left: Ruth Portmess after piloting an Aeronca C-3.
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